‘Peace and Justice' guided tour


In addition to the government, the royal household, Parliament and the ministries, The Hague is also home to many international organisations that are engaged with international law and work to maintain peace. Not surprising, as The Hague is also known in Dutch as the ‘City of Peace and Justice'.

Interested in learning more about these organisations? Then take the ProDemos Peace and Justice tour, which leaves from Hofweg 1 in the reception area of the Visitor Centre, beside café DuDok.

Choose from the following tours:

  • Weekday tour (available Tuesday-Friday) (» 6h) 
    ProDemos – International Criminal Court – Humanity House – Yugoslavia Tribunal
  • Weekend tour (available Saturdays and Sundays) (» 5h) 
    ProDemos – Humanity House – Peace Palace
  • Schools tour* (available Mondays) (» 5h) 
    ProDemos – Peace Palace – Yugoslavia Tribunal

* Educational institutions only

Fietstocht internationaal recht

Tours are given by experienced ProDemos experts for groups that consist of at least ten participants. The tours are available in English. Because the organisations are not within walking distance of one another, the tour is run using bicycles. Lunch at DuDok or Humanity House can also be incorporated into the programme, as well as other alternatives including visits to the European Police Office (Europol) or the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, if desired.

Please note: The organisations that we visit operate during normal working hours, which means that they are not always able to receive visitors. In such cases, the programme will be adjusted accordingly.

Requesting tours and tour costs

Tours are organised either upon request or via open registration. When requesting tours, it is advisable to do so well in advance (preferably 2 months beforehand). To request a tour, send an email to opmaat@prodemos.nl.

Costs include: entrance to Humanity House (€3.50 p.p.), the tour guide (€42.50/h) and bicycle hire (if necessary, €10.00 p.p.).

More information

For more information, please contact Matea Safar-Rodger: opmaat@prodemos.nl.

Dutchbatters over Srebrenica: een terugblik


Laten wij voor onze kinderen een leven opbouwen vol liefde en vriendschap opdat zij dit nooit hoeven mee te maken. Dat is de kern van het verhaal waarmee Admira Suljagic, gevlucht uit Srebrenica, de avond opent. Zij wenst dat niemand ooit hoeft mee te maken wat zij heeft meegemaakt. 

Onzichtbare werkloosheid onder jongeren en flexwerkers


Op donderdag 19 juni werd er in het Politiek Café gesproken over werkloze jongeren, flexibele en vaste contracten en mogelijke oplossingen voor armoede en werkloosheid.